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Currumbin Creek and Palm Beach is one of our favorite beaches we can have a swim with our pup (Shari).

If you own a dog, you’ll know the places you can go and things you can do are limited, especially without your best friend mortally embarrassing you by spontaneously dropping one at the worst possible moment.

If you don’t own a dog, there’s a good chance you wish you did, and want to go somewhere you can pretend you own a dog, without the hassle of knowing you’re literally responsible for an animal’s excrement.
And for owners it doesn't come much more scenic than this, with gorgeous vistas across Currumbin Creek on the still water side and views to Surfers paradise from the wide surf stretch on the other.

This sizable sandy patch of dog paradise starts at the edge of Palm Beach Parklands and follows Currumbin Creek all the way around to the surf. So whether your dog is the wave catching type or just enjoys a good old-fashioned dog paddle, both will be in heaven here.

The northern side of Currumbin Lagoon and its adjacent beachfront are designated an off-leash area, offering dogs and families plenty of space to run and swim.
Some weekends if you glance along the edge of the lagoon, there is a maze of children, adults and dogs of every size and breed, all in a harmonious buzz, all basking in the warm tranquil waters of Currumbin lagoon.

Just behind the dunes near the off-leash beach, you’ll find Dune Café – where patrons with dogs are also welcome. And it’s not only four-legged family members who turn up: the café was recently voted the most kid-friendly café on the coast.


  1. Looks like a lovely place to spend the day. I'll be sure to check it out when I go, although sadly I don't have a dog!

  2. No 🐶 here either but it might be a long way to take it if I did as we come from England. Happy to visit the Gold Coast without a dog though as it's beautiful

  3. Dune Cafe looks amazing! My pups love spending the day at the beach but unfortunately we live in Hong Kong and there aren't that many dog-friendly beaches. Maybe one day we'll have to move out to Oz!

  4. Thanks for this great overview of the Gold Coast; really liked the layout of this post. We didn't visit Currumbinon our last trip in Australia, but hopefully we'll visit this gem on our next vacation. We love your photos too much!!

  5. This place looks great. Perfect playtime for them. Sadly I don't have a dog as of now.

  6. Oh wow! I watched your video. The dog looked so happy and full of enjoyment. This is an awesome place for the dogs. The burger and fries look delicious. It is a perfect meal after playing with your dog/s.

  7. The northern part of Currumbin Lagoon sounds like a perfect place to take the dogs, the no leash area will be perfect for them. The burger at the Dune Cafe looks delicious it's perfect that it's pet friendly so you can pass buy after exercising the dogs.

  8. Oh my goodness I'm so desperate for a dog! These are so cute. Sounds like I need to get myself to Currumbin Creek for a spot of dog watching haha!


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